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Kits for Kids

Fight For Children’s Kits for Kids program provides students in the Washington, DC community with much-needed educational tools and supplies throughout the year to enhance and enrich their at-home learning experiences.

These age-appropriate kits are customized to accommodate the unique needs of each school, time of year, and age/skill level of the students.

To date, Fight For Children has provided kits to four of our Joe’s Champs partner schools, reaching over 500 students in the community.

Fight For Children’s Kits for Kids has three main objectives:

  • Provide partner schools with useful supplies for students throughout the year;
  • Utilize funds raised to directly benefit our partners and further our mission as an organization;
  • Continue to tell the story of our work to key stakeholders including partners, donors, and the community.

February 2017

Kits for Kids - February 2017
Kits for Kids - February 2017
Kits for Kids - February 2017


We’d love your help with our next Kits for Kids project! If you’re available to assemble kits, deliver to our partner schools, or would like to make a donation to be used for purchasing kit contents, please contact us at:

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